To my Angels, Thank you for making my vision come true!
Premiere Wedding Design
...Thank you for making my dream come to life on my wedding day.
I could not have asked for a better group of ladies to provide my husband and myself with such elegant flowers.
Award Winning Florists
You forfilled my most perfect dream flowers on the most important day of our lives.
It's hard to believe something so small as flowers can make such an impact on a wedding.
I cried when I saw the flowers, I was so happy - & I never cry!!!!

Weddings with Angels Florist

"Angels florist is a family run business. We have been around, in the Hawkesbury, for almost 25 years, and we've been in the industry for around 30. We are active members in the Hawkesbury community, supporting local business and charities at every chance we get. We are here because of our local customers, our community and we love to give back as much as we can.

Each one of our girls has a different background in floristry, a different style. This is one of the many reasons that makes our shop unique. We don't simply churn out the same factory line style arrangements every week. Each creation is different from the last, an expression of the person that made it and tailored for the person who ordered it. We take our jobs seriously and, at the same time, passionately. We are all here because we love being florists.

Roses are the most obvious flower favourite for brides. They are that eternal symbol of love, that is preferred time and time again. Orchids are also popular, so are Peonies. It is becoming more and more popular to pick flowers and colours, not based on what someone else says that they mean, but what they mean to you, your partner and your family. Your grandfather might have been an avid grower of Australian Natives and you may want to honor him with using Natives in your bouquet. Perhaps your husband-to-be bought you a posy of Sun Flowers on your first date and you want to bring that symbolism into your bouquets. It is ultimately what the flowers mean to you.

Coral, Apricot and Watermelon tones are very popular this season, along with a lot of Mint greens and Mauves. Whites, Creams, Champagnes and Ivories will forever be in style, keeping traditions of the purity of weddings close at hand. But you must remember, when picking your wedding colours. This is YOUR wedding. It should reflect YOU and your personal style. You only get to do this once, and you should pick something that you like.

Flowers are the icing on the cake, they are the caffeine in your coffee. They are that little thing that makes so much difference. They add that little bit of something that makes your wedding elegant, or glamorous, or vintage, or unique.

Sometimes it is best to come in and have a chat to us about your flowers before you look online or in magazines. And if you do look around first, it is good to keep an open mind about the flower choices you make. It is always good to have a back up choice or even go for general looks and styles rather than exact flowers. Even if you know for sure that Phalaenopsis Orchids are available in Summer, you just never know what Mother Nature is going to dish out.

Something else that is important to note, when looking at photos in magazines and online, you must remember that a lot of things are photoshoped. Colours may not be true, white may not be as white as it appears. Colours in flowers can sometimes vary from week to week, season to season, flower to flower. You should always remember that flowers are a natural product and variations are always going to occur.

Be careful when organising your flowers, who you get to do them. We, unfortunately, quite often have to do emergency fix up jobs on the day of the wedding, or brides come in a few days before because who was doing the flowers fell through. Pick some one trustworthy, professional and someone whom you feel comfortable with. Sometimes your great Aunt, second removed, who did a 6 week floristry course back in 1989, is not the best choice, however cheap they might be!

If you pick your florist well, they can quite often work with you to organise flowers that can stay within your budget and meet the requirements of your theme. There are lots of inexpensive options available for flowers, the best thing to do is talk to your florist about them.

All in all, you have to remember that it is YOUR day. We hate the term Bridezilla. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and wanting the very best for your big day. There is also nothing wrong with not having a clue of what you want. That is why we are here. We are here to help you get the most out of your wedding flowers."